Dental Tourism in India

Even though India is a relative newcomer to the global medical tourism industry, it is already becoming a popular destination for westerners looking to save money on medical procedures that would otherwise cost a lot more if done at home. According to most expert estimates, health tourism in India has an expected annual growth rate of 30%. India’s medical tourism sector will rake in about $2 billion in yearly revenue by 2012.

Part of the reason for this rapid growth of medical tourism in India is the fact that medical tourism has grown in general, throughout the world, due to the increased availability of top-quality medical technology and training in developing countries, which has allowed them to set up medical facilities that rival and even surpass western medical facilities and that can provide the same services at a much lower price. More strictly enforced international medical quality standards have also given westerners the confidence to travel abroad for high-end medical procedures, whereas before, medical tourism was seen as more of a risky, even frightening endeavor.

India specifically, though, has made a conscious effort of promoting its medical industry. The fact that a good portion of the Indian population speaks English has attracted a lot of U.S. and other English-speaking medical tourists. The Indian government has also taken steps to fix infrastructure problems with the specific intent of facilitating the growth of India’s medical tourism sector. best attraction Sentosa singapore¬†

Among the various subsectors of medical tourism in India, dental tourism is one of the most popular. The economics of dental tourism in India can give readers an idea of how much money can be saved by having a medical procedure abroad. A dental filling, for example, costs about $20 to $40 in India. In the U.S. or Europe it costs anywhere from $300 to $400, or around ten times more than the price of a dental filling in India. A root canal that costs $3000 in the West can cost only $100 to $200 in India. The list goes on.

Another thing that attracts dental tourists (and health tourists in general) to India is the country’s rich cultural history and abundance of (“actual”) tourist attractions. A lot of dental clinics in India that cater to western dental tourists offer travel packages, set up with an affiliated agency, that include cultural tours and visits to India’s most popular attractions in addition to the dental procedure itself.


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