Spiritual Tourism Finds Its Spirit in Panama

Spiritual tourism is an ever-growing sector of the travel industry where participants choose to seek relaxation and personal growth through enlightenment vs. sun, fun and adventure. This concept may appear to be simple but in taking an in-depth look into spiritual tourism, more complex questions arise. Does it involve religion? Must I become an environmentalist? Is there a conflict between the religious and the natural? How can I benefit from such a trek? Given the varying interests of travelers, the answer can be a combination of all these concepts, with the benefits being developed through individual experiences. The end result is an enhanced cultural exposure through a quest for knowledge. Religious pilgrimages offer an introduction to areas and cultures leaning toward a greater understanding of God. Secular journeys focus on a relationship with the environment leaning toward a greater understanding and reconnection with nature. In either sector, enlightenment is found through the traveler venturing outside of their comfort zone to expand their knowledge and relationship within the world.

Tourism is, by far, one of the best platforms for education. Involvement in a tourist experience brings the immediate realization of there being more to life than what is presented outside your front door. Through embarking on life as a traveler, you are brought into contact with people from varying cultures whose exposures are punctuated through their ethnic preferences, language proficiency and socio-economic status. Your social interactions are widened as you meet people beyond the comfort zone of your community. A greater understanding of your (and their) prejudices and tolerances are gained as you pursue your journey. Nationalism shrinks as humanism blossoms.

Panama is a well-spring of revelation for the spiritual tourist. Encapsulated within its borders are seven groups of indigenous people, each with a distinctive historical, religious, linguistic, economic and cultural structure; tropical waters teeming with multihued coral reefs and intermingling Atlantic and Pacific marine life; verdant rain forests and savannahs brimming with incredibly diverse ecology; rivers, streams, beaches, mountains, valleys, waterfall, wildlife, natural formations and an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that are a feast to the eye and the palate.

Panama boasts outstanding religious structures, such as the Catholic cathedrals in Panama City’s Casco Viejo (Old City) with its towering golden altar, and in the city of Nata, one of the oldest surviving churches in the new world. The Black Christ Festival celebrated every 21st October in the Portobelo Province and the week-long Santa Semana (Holy Week) celebrations are pre-eminent among the 37 religious festivals held throughout the year. Panama is also home to one of the world’s seven Baha’i Houses of Worship. best attraction Sentosa singapore¬†

For spiritual healing, the outstanding tropical aura offers the perfect environment to relax, renew and refresh your mind, soul and body along with your personal and spiritual connections. Many healing and spiritual teachers are called to Panama to conduct seminars to assist in the awakening, education and transformation of those seeking this form of enlightenment.

The variances in spiritual tourism are found in the spirit of the many wonders of Panama. This widely spreading tourism trend is finding a firm footing in the isthmus. Panama is positioned to support this thriving industry where travelers can come to experience both the marvels of God and nature.


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