Tips to Maintain Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Unfortunately, as the purity of silver decreases, it becomes more susceptible to tarnishing and corrosion, according to Novica in association with National Geographic. Sterling silver is an alloy made up of 7.5 percent of other metals like copper. Thankfully, with proper care, your sterling silver can easily be free of tarnish, corrosion, and damage.

Tips to Maintain Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

According to Novica, there are many ways you can keep your sterling silver looking great, including: Silver Jewelry Manufacturer India

Polishing it regularly. Everyone loves the look of freshly polished silver, however, polishing this type of jewelry isn’t just for show. As you wear your sterling silver, dirt and contaminants from the environment can begin to tarnish the piece over time. Be sure to regularly polish each piece gently with a soft microfiber cloth. Keeping this delicate jewelry shining is easy if you stick to a polishing routine.
Be mindful of your activities while wearing jewelry. As dazzling and captivating as your silver jewelry may be, one of the easiest ways to damage it is through overuse. Rings and bracelets are especially susceptible to harm because of the constant contact your hands are engaged in. Everything from sweat and soaps to sunlight and chemicals can cause your jewelry to corrode or tarnish. Be sure to take your jewelry off when you work around the house,
Storing it correctly. Unfortunately, displaying your sterling silver in a jewelry box or on your bathroom counter could be harmful. Exposure to the air can cause the jewelry pieces to tarnish. To provide your sterling silver with the optimal storage conditions, place pieces in separate air-locked bags with anti-tarnish silica gel packets. Then pack your pieces in a durable and organized jewelry box so they can avoid getting scratched by other jewelry pieces.
Keeping it dry. Although purified water will not damage your sterling silver, other liquids may negatively affect the metal. Avoid wearing your silver jewelry when you shower or swim. The harsh chemicals found in these liquids may contain chlorine, sulfur or other contaminants that will dull or tarnish your jewelry. Always dry your sterling silver if it becomes wet.

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