TOGAF Certified Professional Salary


TOGAF stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework. This framework is used by various enterprises to strategize and design their IT infrastructure.

TOGAF is quintessential for the organization who want to plan, design, and improve their IT infrastructure. This where the TOGAF certified professionals are called in. A TOGAF professional communicates with leadership about the desired plans and design to be implemented by the enterprise and starts working on the development of the IT infrastructure of the enterprise.

Reason to support usage of TOGAF

TOGAF certified professionals are known for making a high-level move towards a framework that is used by an enterprise to plan, design, execute, and manage its Enterprise Architecture.

The Enterprise Architecture (EA) is classified into four domains:

  1. Data
  2. Technology
  3. Application
  4. Business

Apart from this, the Enterprise Architecture firms highly depend upon their existing technologies and products.

Those enterprises that are aiming to implement or planning to implement Enterprise-level infrastructure to ease up the process of service delivery of mission-critical business will be immensely benefitted by utilizing plans and designs TOGAF.

The implementation of TOGAF plans in the improvement IT infrastructure of a company will always be fruitful for the company as the open gate architecture reduces risks in the infrastructure and business.

The individuals who want to pursue a career in IoT projects are advised to acquire the TOGAF Certification for better opportunities.

What is the work purpose of the TOGAF certified professional?

As a TOGAF certified professional, the basic purpose of an individual will be to simplify the complexity of technical procedures. Developers and technical leads achieve the TOGAF Certification, which helps an individual to master the principles of Enterprise Architecture field, which assures growth in their career path of Enterprise Architecture while also helps to accomplish such individuals’ senior architect positions.

The TOGAF certified architects are responsible for developing a well planned IT strategy for an ng-term. They design technological and application-based plans that will help them to navigate and drive an organization on the basis of TOGAF standards for technology infrastructure.

The key role of EAs is to manage smooth technological workflow without any hassle from beginning to end.

Commonly EAs work on transformational programs across various portfolios and managing several meetings and projects which may include:

  • Architecture Strategy – this involves designing all aspects of architecture strategies like the current stage, transition, and planning required path to support the strategy.
  • Architecture Review Board– it comprises meetings held by the stakeholders at certain intervals to discuss changes to the current architecture.
  • Portfolio Management– it basically means the maintenance of current and retired IT services in their history and development. These portfolios are managed to understand the needs of clients related to services and also ensures the welfare of the IT infrastructure.
  • Governance Committee– meetings are held by the stakeholders to prioritize new schemes and protocols required about security and requirements.
  • Technology Lifecycle– it determines new changes that can be implemented for several technologies used by an enterprise.

In other words, the responsibility of a TOGAF certified professional is to align an organization’s goals and objectives with the current IT infrastructure. For such purposes and such level management skills, big organizations hunt for TOGAF professionals.

Reasons to get TOGAF Certification

The course is pocket-friendly

Yes in comparison to another technical course the TOGAF Certification course is pocket-friendly and cost-effective, the course and foundation exam fees are $320 but if an individual wants to appear for higher tier exam than the cost will increase to $495 which will be a justified investment in this field as TOGAF certification is globally renowned and its demand in organizations is growing rapidly.

Handsome hike in salary

According to PayScale reports, it is clear that a TOGAF certified professional is paid $80,000 from the start, then the salary increases with experience.

Better future and opportunities

As discussed above, the TOGAF Certification is considered as a globally recognized certification, so getting TOGAF certified will indeed widen the prospect of job opportunities for an individual. A TOGAF certified architect will always have higher chances of getting hired by leading organizations as it considered to be the best certification in the EA world.


Getting any certification shows your skillsets to your hiring organization; it increases your value in the market and also ensures the growth of getting higher chances of jobs.


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